Upload and Run

Here you can create a new project by uploading your data files. You can test the tool by uploading our sample data.

Please note that every project is available up to 60 days. After this time, the data in our server will be removed, and you must upload again your data if you want to continue using the tool.


You can set a title for your project. Use it for provide a short description of your experiment.

Select files

Press the next button for select your FASTA or FASTQ file containing the reads of your experiment. Additionally, if your file is too big, you can compress in a zip and select it.

Select aligner

Select the aligner tool to align the reads:

Select reference genome

Select the reference genome:

Select minimum mapping quality

Select the minimum mapping quality of the reads (default is 20):

Run your experiment

Check if all the information that you have provided is correct and press the next button for upload your data to the server and start the analysis:

Upload and run
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